08 April 2015

Losing weight

Like almost every teenage girl doing sports, I have issues with my weight. 

Currently I am doing cheerleading, where boys suppose to throw me while I am doing a backflip and so on. To be a "flyer" in cheerleading (a person to be thrown, not handing) you suppose to weight under 50kg. My weight was 49 kg. JUST 2 DAYS AGO. Just now before my evening training I am 52.2!!!!!!! I mean how is that even possible?! 

So my problem is now to get ride of at least two kg before cheer performance on Saturday. To do this I am aiming to:

1) eat nothing after training today (only water excepted)
2) on the breakfast tomorrow have just coffee
3) three hours after have an boiled egg 
4) two hours after have a 100g of cream cheese and a green tea  

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