07 April 2015

How to be a millionaire

So, what excatly happens between "graduation" and "luxury life of top manager"? 
All I could get so far is that none of the "cool" company wants a last-grade student with no practical experience. That's lead me to either small firms, where I could've collected some missing experience or internership in big companies with 137 stages of selection before you get there. 

So here I am sitting and doing nothing, because I can't think of more ways to build my career so far. 

Well not excatly doing nothing... I still have to graduate from my university, that means that I'd better start writing my finale paper. And I'm also planning to go to master degree program in the best university of my country, so I better be preparing for entering exams. 

Yet, there is no point in this whole education, when I can't get a job. 

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