16 April 2015

Essie collection

Can I just be silly and make a post about nail polishes? I guess:)

Essie is my ultimate favorite nail polish in the world. Yes, they are pretty expensive, and please don't think of me as a rich girl, because I am definitely not. 

I saw a lot of nice pictures in the internet with essie polishes. I was dreaming for so long to have money to buy it sometimes in the future, but they cost 3times more than any other brand of nail polish. One day 3 years ago a thought stroke me: "darling, you drink a cup of starbucks coffee for that price, so why wouldn't you once instead of coffee buy a thing you've wanted for so long?". And that's what I did.  

My first essie nail polish was in color "Lady like". I was deliberating for a long time in the shop, before I choose one. I have never thought I could be so happy because of nail polish. The color was so pretty I couldn't get my eyes off my nails. "Lady like" is still one of my the most  favorite one, and I just bought a new one, because mine was about to be over (which never happened to me before :) )

Now I am happy to have a collection of 10 different color of essie nail polishes ( on this picture only 9, missing "Mint apple" one). And can I just say how awesome their names are!!! "Sand Tropez", "Splash of Grenadine", "Status Symbol", "Jiggle hi Jiggle low", "Back in limo", "Lilacism" and others! I literally can buy a nail polish for its cool name ( I know that's not right, but I can't help it haha). 

So if there is anyone who is obsessed with essie too, please let me know your favorite color! ❤️

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